Why Should You Listen to Me?

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” 
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have always had a desire to write a blog and wanted to combine it with my passion for Cheershelping others. So here it is!

About me: I’m a licensed Real Estate agent in Virginia. I was in the commercial real estate industry for 18 years and switched to the residential industry almost 6 years ago. I’m the Director of Career Development & Operations for a RE/MAX franchise in Northern Virginia. We have 4 offices and 155 of the best agents (and growing).

In my role at RE/MAX, I am part of the Executive Leadership Team, I assist in recruiting, training, and retaining our agents. My favorite part of my job is onboarding the new agents when they join our brokerage. It’s not just paperwork – I assist the agents by getting them up and running with our company and their business; whether they are brand new or experienced – it’s all about personally assisting ALL of our agents. I also handle all of the company licensing (and more).

I do not need a license for my position. I studied my tail off and passed the exam (on my first attempt) in an effort to better myself and to become more educated on the entire process a new agent goes through. It took me just about 3 months from start to exam completion. I am not actively selling, I have placed my license into Referral status (I’ll write more about that too), which still provides me with some active income!

I wanted to start this blog to help others with their decision to begin a real estate career. There is SO much information floating around out there, so I hope to be a great resource. I don’t plan on sugar-coating anything, that’s not me. I aim to be as helpful as I can by offering advice and tips on several pre and post-licensing activities such as:
– deciding to become a real estate agent,
– the investment involved becoming an agent,
– the process of studying (not specific to answering any study questions),
– taking the exam,
– what to do after passing the exam,
– questions to ask a potential Broker,
– and more!!!

I will try not to reference how awesome RE/MAX is to work for, or talk about any other brokerage firms – I may reference some of the wonderful things my company does – but again, it will just be for reference (not for soliciting purposes). Please feel free to ask questions and let me know if there is a topic you would like me to talk about! Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: I will definitely cover national information, but will focus more on Virginia when it comes to state stuff. Please check your state requirements. I will never offer legal advice. My opinions are my own and my tips and advice may not work/apply to everyone. Always refer to your class issued materials/instruction and instructors for clarification. You may come across some affiliate links from time to time on my site as well. I only endorse products I personally believe in! But always know I am here to help and encourage you on this journey! Good luck!

p.s… I love motivational quotes, so you may see some posts on motivation as well!

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