Hosting Open Houses – Good for Your New Business or Not?

I say GOOD! As a new real estate agent, hosting open houses is one of the best ways to get your name out there and start building your business. Open houses are a great way to meet potential clients, learn about the market, and build your reputation.

Here are some reasons why new real estate agents should host open houses:

  • Gain experience. Hosting an open house is a great way to get experience in the real estate industry. You will learn how to interact with potential buyers, answer their questions, and show them around a property. This experience will be invaluable when you are ready to start listing and selling properties.

  • Build relationships. Hosting an open house is a great way to meet potential clients and build relationships with other real estate agents. When you are a new agent, building a strong network of contacts is important. Hosting open houses is a great way to do this.

  • Get exposure. Hosting an open house will get your name and face out in the community. Potential buyers and sellers will see you as a knowledgeable and professional real estate agent; this can lead to more business down the road.

  • Make money. Your number one goal at an open house is to connect with all of the visitors who come through the door, specifically those who are not currently working with an agent. Ask questions, let them talk, and build a relationship. You could potentially pick up a new client!  

Here are ten tips for hosting a successful open house:

  1. Be prepared. Before the open house, ensure you know everything you need to know about the property. If you are hosting an open house for another agent, make sure to communicate with the listing agent so you are aware of important details such as the listing price, the square footage, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the roof and HVAC ages, and any special features. You should also be familiar with the neighborhood (amenities offered) and the local real estate market.

  2. Promote the open house. Advertise your open house via traditional methods such as online advertising and social media. If the house is new to the market, create flyers and go door-knocking through the neighborhood. Invite the neighbors to a neighborhood-exclusive open house preview event before the open house is open to the public.

  3. Be professional. Dress appropriately and act in a professional manner. This will help you make a good impression on potential buyers.

  4. Be friendly and welcoming. When people arrive at the open house, greet them warmly and introduce yourself. Make them feel comfortable and welcome. Remember, you are in the relationship-building business!

  5. Be knowledgeable. Be prepared to answer questions about the property and the real estate market. If you don’t know the answer to a question, don’t be afraid to say so. You can always follow up with the seller or do some research later.

  6. Hand Out Flyers. Have flyers on hand with information about the property and your contact details. This way, people can take the information with them and contact you with any questions they may have.

  7. Offer Refreshments/light snacks: Have some light refreshments and easy snacks on hand for visitors to enjoy. This will make them feel more welcome in your home and can help create a positive atmosphere. Fresh-baked cookies are always a hit!

  8. Be persistent. Don’t be afraid to follow up with potential buyers after the open house. This could include sending them a thank-you note, calling them to answer any questions they may have, or inviting them to another open house.

  9. Follow Up with Agents too. If other agents are present at the open house, be sure to follow up with them. This will help you stay connected and offer mutual support.

  10. Have fun! Hosting an open house can be a lot of fun. Enjoy the experience and use it as an opportunity to meet new people and learn more about the real estate market.

*Additional tip – as a new agent in this current market of limited inventory, open houses can be crowded and a bit overwhelming. It is completely acceptable to ask another agent to assist you for a few hours or invite a lender or title company representative to assist you. This is great for their business too! Plus, you will not be alone (think safety here).

As you can see, there are many reasons why new real estate agents should host open houses. Following these simple tips, you can host a successful open house to help start your real estate career. Have more questions? Ask your mentor or broker.

Just remember to be prepared, professional, friendly, knowledgeable, persistent, and have fun! Now go host an open house and get a new client!


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