Before You Begin…

I’d like to introduce myself. I’m a newly licensed Real Estate Agent in Virginia who has the desire to help others succeed in their “soon to be” real estate careers. What I am not – is an expert. Do I feel that I need to be an expert to offer this advice and tips? No. Please read on….

So why should you listen to me and take any of my advice? Well, there are several reasons, but I’ll just list a few:

  • I’ve been in the real estate industry, both commercial and now residential for 20+ years.
  • I recently studied my tail off to pass the real estate exam, so I completely understand the adventure you are about to embark on.
  • I have this amazing desire to help others succeed and stay motivated (part of what I do in my career).
  • I like people.
  • I like real estate.
  • Did I mention I like helping people?

So why am I starting this blog? While studying for the exam, I joined a Facebook group that was all about prepping for the exam. It’s a great group and a wonderful supplemental study program, but there were so many non-test-related questions, all the time. I tried to help by answering as many questions as I could, but the questions end up getting lost in the feed and then getting asked again, and again. This brought me here … the creation of the Rookie RE Agent blog. I hope you find the advice and tips I offer to be useful and helpful! Expect to see posts about getting your license, finding a brokerage firm, getting through your first year, and more. Happy reading!

Disclaimer: I will definitely cover national information, but will focus more on Virginia when it comes to state stuff. Please check your state requirements. I will never offer legal advice. My opinions, tips, and advice may not work/apply to everyone. Always refer to your class-issued materials/instruction and instructors as well as your Broker for clarification.


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