The Importance of Setting Business Goals and Crushing Them

December is upon us! It that time of the year again… not just the holiday season, but the time of year when we prepare our mindset and businesses for the coming year. This is a great time to review the past 11 months, what has worked, what has not. How many of the goals on... Continue Reading →

Tis’ the Season to …

Engage Your Clients, Family and Friends!As the weather changes and the real estate market slows down (historically this has been the case), this is a great time to work on your business. What do I mean by “work on your business?” Not only is this a good time to work on administrative tasks (clean up... Continue Reading →

10 Ways to Generate Leads

As a New Real Estate Agent Your licensed, you’ve joined the perfect brokerage firm, you’ve started completing some of the up and running tasks I mentioned in a previous post, so now what should you do?  It’s time to generate some business! So, where do you start? Here are 10 great ways to begin generating... Continue Reading →

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